Shutting computer down while updating internet dating horror stories uk

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Shutting computer down while updating

This sounds like a hardware problem, but before such conclusion can be drawn, we must troubleshoot the problem to avoid unnecessary replacement of hardware components.The best place to start is by asking windows why it decided to shut down.

It is very hard to give a fitting answer to your question without more information about the problem. If this is not the case , you mostly have either a problem with windows itself or your computer is not in clean condition.

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Visit Stack Exchange After 20 minutes or so of being powered on and used, this HP Beats Windows 10 (AMD Core Processor) shuts down for no apparent reason.

At the end of the day I closed the notebook lid but letting the notebook still operate to let the automatic do its work during the night.

The notebook was still working fine the next day and no critical events (41) were logged.

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I also cleaned the cooling areas for CPU and GPU and put new cooling gel between CPU and GPU and the heatsinks.

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